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We specialize in preparing children for the 11+ exam

BUCKS DEADLINE: register your child for the Bucks 11+ test before 3pm on Fri 10th July 2015.

The FOUNDATION COURSE is for children who are in YEAR 4 and it begins in October.
This course is a stepping stone towards the 11+ Course.

The 11+ COURSE is for children who are in YEAR 5 and it begins in September.
This course prepares children for 11+ tests.

About us


We have specialised in preparing children for 11+ tests since 2001.
Since then - we conservatively estimate - we have helped thousands of children into grammar schools.

Yet the benefits to children extend far beyond selection tests, as encapsulated in Sir Tailor’s very personal and deeply held vision:

To empower people by enhancing their love of and skills in learning and reasoning.

This unique vision and the philosophy it engenders are a constant guide in an ever-changing world of education.

This vision appeals to the noblest motives:

It is what we want for our own children, so it inspires us and informs the way we work.



For the 11+ Course, we provide:

  • A unique and powerful blend of classroom based, online and video learning
  • Lessons in local venues (in Burnham/Slough/Langley/West Drayton/Cranford/Heston/Hounslow/Feltham)
  • Online video teaching with unlimited review access (an ever-present and popular learning and revision tool)
  • Ample practice materials
  • Tuition in Verbal Reasoning (English), Numerical Reasoning (Maths) and Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Mock tests
  • A single-digit group limit (max. 9)
  • Guidance and information re 11+ applications locally
  • Optional Creative Writing tuition (at additional cost)
  • An unmatched money-back guarantee to back it all up (terms apply).


Watch this video:


These state secondary schools (i.e. non-fee-paying) are permitted to select pupils on the basis of performance in an examination called the 11+.

Note that grammar schools’ admissions policies can be complex and can include multiple criteria such as admissions area, religion, musical aptitude and others in addition to the 11+ score.  Many grammar schools have become academies, but have retained their previous admissions criteria.


Please consider the following before deciding:

  • Can your child cope with grammar school?  A grammar school is a suitable environment for children who are academically able and who can rise to a fast pace of learning and a heavy workload.  Children who perform well-above average in numeracy and literacy at school are likely to cope best with considerable demands of grammar school.  Children with about average levels of attainment in Key Stage 2 are likely to find the high expectations and pressure in a grammar school overwhelming: this can be highly detrimental to a child’s confidence.
  • Can your child cope with this 11+ Course?  The high quality of work and effort demanded on this course can be detrimental to the self-esteem of a child who is not able to rise to the challenge.
  • If in doubt your child’s primary school is a good starting point for advice on the suitability of grammar school for your child.  Do not rely on the score in a test.


Herschel Northampton Ave, Slough, SL1 3BW
Langley Reddington Drive, Langley, SL3 7QS
St Bernard’s Langley Rd, Slough, SL3 7AF
Upton Court Lascelles Rd, Slough, SL3 7PR

Entry to one of these grammar schools requires the child to pass the consortium 11+ exam, which now takes place in September of year 6.


The Slough Consortium and Buckinghamshire have adopted CEM 11+ testing. Their 11+ tests are very similar to each other’s, but are separate.

Entry to a Slough Consortium grammar school or Buckinghamshire grammar school requires the child to pass the respective 11+ exam.  For Buckinghamshire, catchment rules also apply.  The Slough Consortium grammar schools’ admissions policies vary from school to school and from year to year, so it is best to check each individual school’s relevant admissions policy.

The exams are likely to take place in September of year 6.

The format of this exam is as follows:

Two papers, each 45 to 50 minutes long and each testing 3 areas: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

Registering for the Buckinghamshire 11+ exams Children attending Bucks primary schools are entered automatically.  Parents of out-of-county children should register directly with the Buckinghamshire 11+ Admissions Team on 01296 383250.


Registration dates, exam dates, exam formats and admissions criteria are subject to change.  There have been changes to all the above in recent years, so it would be prudent to remain prepared for more changes.  In the event of such changes we reserve the right to amend, without notice and without consultation, any aspect of the course as we deem necessary, including the structure and content of the course, and pricing: the aim of any such changes would be to prepare the children better.


Passing the 11+ examinations requires a combination of the following:

  • Aptitude  The pupil must have the aptitude necessary to perform well-above average in the subjects tested.  Tuition and effort will not compensate for insufficient aptitude.  If in doubt, seek the primary school’s opinion as to your child’s academic potential.
  • Effort  The pupil must work diligently throughout the period of preparation.  If this is an issue, or becomes one, it is primarily one for parents to address.
  • Knowledge & Skills  The pupil needs expert instruction in the relevant skills and knowledge.  Our proven course provides this in a small-group format, in a well-structured, very successful, uniquely interactive way.
  • Performance  The pupil must perform well on exam day.  Beyond ensuring your child is fresh, healthy and free from worry and distractions, there is little else anyone but the child can do on exam day.

Having a ‘plan B’ helps   Parents are urged to consider and cater for the eventuality that, because passing depends solely on the child’s performance on exam day, even a very capable and thoroughly prepared child might not pass.  Also, remember that an offer of a place will not necessarily follow a pass.  Parents should therefore have an acceptable alternative in place that does not require the child to pass an 11+ exam.  Doing so will reduce parental tension, and the pressure your child will be subject to, thus improving their chances of doing their best and of passing an 11+ exam.

Aptitude chart


The best way to help children in the years before starting 11+ preparations is to fully support their schoolwork and their school. A questioning mind, a positive attitude to learning, and a love of reading would be great assets to the children. If extra resources are required then you can draw on some of the vast range of publications in support of the national curriculum that are available in bookshops and on the internet. Any resources used should be appropriate for the child’s age and level. If your child is not progressing as you believe they should be, you should seek professional help, initially through the child’s school.


The aim of the FC is to help children prepare for the more intense and demanding 11+ Course. The FC gives children the opportunity to get accustomed to: the uniquely demanding and effective lesson style; the high quality of work that is demanded; course and study routines; and employing effective study skills as well as doing foundation work relevant to the 11+ programme. The FC runs from October of year 4 to July of year 5.


The tuition must suit yours and your child’s needs and circumstances. If you are in doubt we recommend that you observe the quality, style and environment of the tuition at first hand by sitting in on a normal lesson (i.e. not a test or induction lesson). The combination of the small-group, highly interactive classroom environment and unique online resources provided in this course is the most effective format for most children, but one-to-one tuition may be more suitable for a child who is very slow and/or very self-conscious: we do not provide one-to-one tuition.


Doing schoolwork well and maintaining good relations with the school can help your child in several ways. A child who does well at school, especially in numeracy and literacy, will have a good foundation for 11+ and may have greater self-belief regarding their 11+ potential and their suitability for grammar school. Also, in the event of an appeal, the child’s primary school will be asked for input: strong support from the head teacher is vital. The appeals panel may ask to see the child’s schoolwork from Year 6.


  • This very successful course has been devised by Sir Tailor, thus benefiting from many years of classroom experience.  The majority of past pupils of this course are now enjoying a grammar school or university education.  Many from the first batch, who completed this course in 2001, finished their university degrees in 2011.
  • We encourage pupils to be alert, observant, organised, independent and active learners, and to self-check and ask questions to clarify their own understanding.  These are skills and attitudes that will serve them well through the 11+ preparations and beyond.
  • The uniquely interactive style of teaching, made possible by a group limit of just 9 pupils, enhances the learning experience beyond what is possible in other courses or in one-to-one tuition.
  • Children’s understanding and performance is monitored on an ongoing basis through classroom interaction, homework (some of which is collected and marked by the tutor), online work and with formal tests at key points in the course.  How your child is doing on the course will be evident.

S'ir Tailor is a dedicated eleven plus tutor with over a decade of experience in helping children get the best out of their future. To find out more about the eleven plus tutor courses run by S'ir Tailor, click on the contact us button above or call 07980 626670 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm)